Brazil Solar Power will host two congresses: one addressing issues related to Centralized Generation (Large-Scale PV) and the other related to Distributed Generation (Rooftop PV) aimed at increasing the presence of the source in Brazil and counting on the participation of the main authorities of the Brazilian electric sector as well as important national and international players.

Centralized Generation Congress
(Large-Scale PV)


Since 2014, the Brazilian government established a milestone with the addition of 1 GW of photovoltaic capacity per year through solar energy auctions. This policy resulted in more than 2 GW in contracts for delivery for the next 20 years. What else can we do? What are the key issues for the development and expansion of the solar source in large-scale generation in Brazil? What is the government planning? And what do the main players have to discuss? These and similar issues will be discussed over the two days of Brazil Solar Power.

Distributed Generation Congress
(Rooftop PV)

The solar source represents more than 60% of the total of 16.5 MW of installed capacity of small-scale (Rooftop PV) in Brazil, with 13.3 MW installed. The potencial market of PV Rooftop Generation is huge and the Distributed Generation Congress of Brazil Solar Power aims to discuss the issues that will provide even more growth at the PV sector in Brazil. What the government intends to do to encourage and expedite this movement? What do companies and consumers need to do in order to enable this growth? These and similar topics will be discussed over the two days of the congress.